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100% Free Myers-Briggs (MBTI)-based Personality Questionnaire

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  1. Have you more often preferred to:

  2. Have you been more comfortable with:
    Envisioning and conceptualizing
    Hands-on experience

  3. Have you more often preferred:
    Picturing what may not yet exist
    Less envisioning and more activity

  4. When making a decision, have you usually:
    Set aside personal feelings, focusing on the facts and principles
    Favored a more personal approach

  5. Have you been known more as someone who is:

  6. When you’ve looked forward to a social event, were you more likely to have:
    Taken great care to make the most of limited time
    Played it by ear

  7. Have you generally found it more natural to:
    Perservere with the plan
    Adapt to changes that arise

  8. Have you more often been appreciated for your:
    Sincere, quiet depth
    Robust, resilient spirit

  9. Which have you generally found more enjoyable?
    Engaging in activities
    Dreaming up new possibilities

  10. Have you been known more as someone who has generally:
    Not missed important specifics
    Noticed the underlying patterns

  11. In making decisions, has it been more natural to act on:
    What your heart tells you
    What your mind tells you

  12. Have you generally considered yourself to be more:
    An impartial, objective person
    A friendly, welcoming person

  13. When personal plans have been set, then changed, is it more your nature to:
    Have linger frustration
    Move on easily, staying flexible

  14. Have you generally been more drawn to:
    Scouting out and pursuing new options
    Setting and sticking to plans

  15. While casually standing in line, have you more often sought to:
    Chat with anyone that seems interesting
    Keep quietly to yourself

  16. Have you imitated people more who:
    Stick to proven methods to tackle problems
    Forge uncharted territory with their unconventionality

  17. When among friends have you usually been more likely to have conversations about:
    Events & activities
    Uncovering meaning and significance

  18. When push has come to shove, which usually has taken precedence:
    Maintaining harmonious relationships
    Doing what makes the most sense

  19. Has it been your tendency to be more concerned about:
    Peoples’ feelings
    Being correct

  20. Have you generally been regarded as having:
    A complex, rich interior
    A generous, gregarious exterior

  21. When given the facts of a situation, have you usually:
    Uncovered the meaning behind them
    Sorted them out and moved on

  22. Have you usually thought it more important to be able to:
    Adapt yourself to the realities of a situation as they are
    See the possibilities in a situation

  23. Has it more been your tendency to:
    Purposely hold off making certain decisions to wait for better solutions
    Need the relief that comes after a decision is made

  24. Have you generally more been known as having:
    High energy
    Contained energy

  25. When making an important decision, has it been more natural for you to usually decide with:
    Your heart
    Your head

  26. Have you usually been comfortable talking to:
    Just about anyone for as long for as you choose
    Select people / under certain conditions

  27. When faced with a new challenge, have you more often:
    Come up with an approach of your own
    Done it in the accepted way

  28. Which have you been more often considered to be:
    An objective person
    A warm-hearted person

  29. When randomly meeting new people, have you usually preferred to:

  30. Have you often been more prone to:
    Envision how something could be improved
    Emulate the successes of others

  31. In your personal life, have you been someone whose pattern has been to:
    Be mindful that every action has consequences
    Decide to figure it out as you go

  32. Have you more often been known to play the role of:
    Gifted storyteller
    Private confidant

  33. Have you been more prone to first try:
    Coming up with your own original ideas
    Conventional methods

  34. Have you more often generally been known as:
    Sympathic and supportive
    A critical-minded person

  35. Do you feel more at ease when serious decisions are:
    Kept flexible
    Not changeable

  36. Has it been easier for you to deal with:
    Constant disruption
    Constant scrutiny

  37. Do you consider yourself more often to have been:
    A somewhat reserved person
    A rather gregarious person

  38. When making tough decisions, have you usually been swayed more by:
    Cold, hard evidence
    A heartfelt appeal

  39. Have you usually felt more comfortable when planned activities were:
    Made flexible
    Locked in and unchangeable

  40. Have you more usually been more known to have:
    A natural talent for time awareness and management
    A knack for making the best of time crunches

  41. Have you been thought of more as someone who frequently has:
    Bountiful energy
    Remarkable patience for detail

  42. At the workplace, has it usually come naturally for you to be more attuned to:

  43. Have you generally been more:
    Deliberate than flexible
    Flexible than deliberate

  44. Have you more typically tended to:
    Not be too hesitant to initiate conversations with new people
    Be reluctant to approach people you don’t know